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    Custom Fabrication and Home Services

We Are Aquarius Creations!

The age of Aquarius is characterized by a return to more authentic spiritual values, heightened self-awareness and social consciousness, a focus on individual freedom and equality, and a shift away from materialism towards a more mindful and conscious approach to consumption. Aquarius Creations is the vision of two Aquarius minds who want to see those values take shape in the form of unique, sustainable, functional, handmade furniture.

We are a custom furniture and home renovation business located in the beautiful town of Castle Rock, Colorado. We specialize in designing and crafting unique pieces that not only serve a purpose but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Alexis, our furniture designer, crafts timeless pieces that transcend trends and stand the test of time. With a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality craftsmanship, Alexis creates furniture that seamlessly blends form and function, adding elegance and sophistication to any space.

As we build our brand, let us help you in your home renovation project. Experience the expertise of Shane, a seasoned painter and skilled home repairman. With an eye for detail, he breathes new life into spaces with flawless painting. From fixing leaks to general maintenance, Shane's professionalism, tailored solutions, and exceptional craftsmanship make him the go-to expert for your home projects.



  • Sustainability

    By choosing reclaimed wood furniture, you are making a positive impact on the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future.

  • Durability

    Using solid wood construction provides a stable and sturdy foundation for the furniture. We don't use veneers and MDF like the big guys.

  • Hand Crafted

    Our furniture and decor is an investment in quality and style, offering a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

  • Versatility

    With our different textures and finishes our furniture can be incorporated into a wide range of design styles, from modern to rustic.

  • Local

    All of our pieces are handcrafted in Castle Rock, Colorado. Buying locally made furniture fosters a sense of community and helps to build connections with the local makers and craftspeople.

  • Custom

    We value relationships with customers to create furniture tailored to their unique needs, adding personalization and individuality to their home decor.

We strive to be an asset to our local economy. Our pricing is based on a two tier sytle, the local Colorado Front Range area and everyone else.
Please remember the majority of our items will be custom, hand-built upon your order. We will try our best to give you realistic time lines for every order.
FREE DELIVERY* on orders within 25 miles of Castle Rock, CO

*Items must fit within standard size van. Certain furniture pieces will not apply. Please reach out to us with any questions.


VENUS Center Table
local price $420.00
price with shipping $750.00
ORION Coffee Table
local price $1000.00
price with shipping $1350.00
SATURN End Table
local price $330.00
price with shipping $430.00
ORION Console Table
local price $675.00
price with shipping $825.00
CERES Dining Table
local price $1875.00
price with shipping $2475.00
local price $2700.00
price with shipping $2950.00
MOON Farmhouse Wall Mirror
local price $600.00
price with shipping $900.00
SOL Dining Table
local price $7850.00
price with shipping $9000.00